Managing and getting in touch with contacts is as easy ever with Google contacts. Here's a collection of resources to help you learn how.

Getting Started

Auto-complete email addresses, use the contact picker, and add personal contacts.

Create contact groups to organize your personal contacts and to use as personal mailing lists.

Contact Support




Google At Work

Google Apps Updates

Email alerts

RSS feeds

Quick Video Clips

(1:30 - 3:00) Short clips on viewing and editing contacts, and creating contact groups and mailing lists.


<<REMOVE this item if NO users are switching from Exchange.>>

Download Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Office to import your personal contacts (as well as email and and calendar events) from your old Exchange account.

Import your personal contacts from Lotus Notes into Google Apps using vCards.

Import contacts from Exchange (using Google Apps Sync)

<<REMOVE this item if NO users are switching from Lotus Notes.>>


Yes, you can access Google Contacts on your mobile phone! Follow the link to find out how.

For even more information about using Google Contacts, check out the Gmail Help Center.